Senior Frontend Developer

Our product is our platform for connecting patients with medical staff. We have a long list of exciting features we want to build and we need some serious frontend skills to do it.
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Healthcare user experience is bad. Help us change it!

Hjemmelegene is a fast-growing health tech company that brings health care to the patient, at home, in the office or in public. Our product is our platform for connecting patients with medical staff. Think of it like Uber, but for healthcare workers.

That might sound boring, but it's not. Listen: Our ambition is that interacting with health care should be just as easy and joyful as the best modern user experiences you can think of. People have come to expect more of digital experiences and there's no reason why we can't have nice things in health care too! We admit that Hjemmelegene has work to do in this area. That's where you come in.

We have a long list of exciting features we want to build and a strong team of 6 backend/fullstack developers. We need someone with serious frontend skills to complete the picture because large parts of our frontend will be completely rebuilt. 

This is a chance to join the team at the point of choosing the tech we use and your experience and preferences will become important. 

The position reports to our CTO, who also doubles as a frontend developer. We are not considering fully remote candidates.

We use:

  • React, but we are considering switching to Vue.js or Svelte.
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Lambdas and Docker
  • GraphQL
  • Ruby On Rails
  • Github
  • Sentry
  • Bootstrap

You will:

  • Code frontend experiences using modern languages, frameworks and build tools.
  • Create frontend architecture for a progressive web application
  • Work with our backend and fullstack developers to architect features and systems
  • Work with our Head of Product & UX to ensure top quality user experience
  • Work with our external design agency

Required qualifications:

  • Good foundational knowledge of the JavaScript language and the JS standard library.
  • 5+ years full-time experience with a framework like React, Vue or Svelte
  • Great collaboration skills
  • Good experience with build systems and tooling for frontend development
  • Good experience working with 3. Party APIs (I.e. Stripe, Twilio, Google)
  • Good Git hygiene
  • Good English language skills
  • Some experience working with design systems and Figma

At Hjemmelegene we offer

  • An inclusive and collaborative environment with great focus on work-life-balance
  • A chance to work on something truly important and meaningful
  • Competitive salary and shareowner opportunities
  • Flexible work hours and location, but we think some office presence each week is required
  • An internal talent development program for learning new things on the job
  • A chance to save lives with code - literally!
  • A chance to work on the backend if you want


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